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The Kerite Company, a member of the Marmon Group of companies, was founded in 1854, Kerite power cables have withstood the toughest test of all - the test of time - setting the standard by which cable is judged, through actual field experience not just accelerated laboratory testing. Unequaled quality is reflected in every foot of Kerite cable. It is this commitment to superior performance that has established Kerite as the best cable value in the world. Kerite manufactures transmission and distribution power cable, submarine cable, turnkey projects, and has been ISO-9002 registered since 1994.

Kerite's HTR cables are specifically engineered to provide superior performance in hot, gassy wells where superb decompression resistance is required. HTR cables use the same solid-copper conductor and low swell, oil resistant insulation (SP-50) as the HTF cables. HTR uses a unique high-temperature chemical barrier layer over the insulated conductor to provide chemical resistance and superior hot decompression resistance. After the thermoplastic extrusion, the insulated conductors are cabled and encased with an oil-resistant filler using a Kerite proprietary, patented process which provides a gasket seal between the insulated conductors and the glavanized steel armor. The filler extrusion process ensures a complete fill, thus eliminating pockets where gas or liquid can collect.

The armor is extra thick, edge-coated galvanized steel which resists corrosion from inside by the gasket effect of the filler, and from the outside due to its extra thickness. The result of the HTR design is a highly superior 5kV round cable capable of sustaining decompression in hot, gassy wells. HTR is available in 300oF and 400oF temperature ratings and two outer diameters to give the user the greatest flexibility in cable selection.


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