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Since 1985, Oasis has developed a wide range of clientele base especially in the Oil & Gas sectors. This has been achieved through excellent services and reliable principals and suppliers.

Today Oasis represents several international companies, various reliable suppliers and trade houses.  Most of our principals are located in Europe, USA and Japan and have other branches and manufacturing outlets in more than one location.  As a result Oasis can always provide options to clients with regards to specifications, standards, delivery, prices, makes, documentation and other related services.

Oasis has a wide range of products, which can be classified as follows:-


We supply Wedge Gate Valves, Stop Valves, Swing Check Valves, Lift Check Valves, Tilting Check Valves, Pressure Relief Valves & Pressure Reducing Valves.


Parts and Accessories
We supply wide range of Pumps products and parts (ANSI and ISO) to the Oil & Gas projects, refineries, petrochemical plants and marine.

We also offer a complete line of chemical pumps, heavy duty process pumps, slurry pumps, vertical cantilever pumps, double suction pumps, vertical turbine pumps and many other types of pumps and parts for a wide variety of services.

Measuring Instruments:

We supply instrumentation for accurate process measurement to the oil and gas industry.  Our supplies includes UV photometric analyzers, electrolytic moisture analyzers, quartz crystal moisture analyzers, quadrupole mass spectrometers, hydrocarbon dew point analyzers, and trace oxygen analyzers.

Measurement Products:
We supply with quality measurement products, meter tubes, skid-mounted meter runs, and packaged measurement stations.  We also offer a variety of measurement accessories and custom piping products.

Drilling Equipment:   

Drilling Machinery, Equipment, Tools and accessories:    
We supply wide range of premium quality drilling equipment, components and accessories.  We supply technically advanced API equipment for overall drilling efficiency for demanding oil and gas applications in a full range of sizes and types.  Our supply of finest drilling equipment is for excellent drilling, long run life and for optimum combination of drilling efficiency and durability.

Instrumentation and Tools:

We supply  wide range of instrumentation, process control, RTU’S, MTU’S, SCADA, metering and turbine meters, online Moisture Analyzers, gas and flame detectors, protection systems, ESD System, flow and temperature elements, orifice plate and thermocouples, pressure gauges, thermo wells, orifice flanges and automation systems including Electronic Pressure Transmitters, Calibration Systems, Pressure Switches, Diaphragm Seals, Thermometers, Resistance Temperature Detectors, etc.

Equipment and Supplies for Refinery and Petrochemical Plants:

We supply equipment, component and parts to the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry and Power Plant Projects. 

Compressors and Turbines:

We supply Compressors and Turbines for Refinery, Petroleum, Petrochemical and other process industries.

Transformers and Generators:

Transformers, Generators, Power Distribution, Circuit Breakers, Switch Gear:
We supply Transformers and Generators to Refinery, Petroleum, Petrochemical and other process industries.

Engines, Motors and Parts:

Diesel Engines:
We are capable of offering a wide range of Diesel Engines for various different applications for industrial, marine, heavy plant, offshore projects, etc.

We can also provide a wide range of new and genuine diesel engines and parts.  We offer a full range of diesel engine models.

After-coolers                              Front Timing Covers
Alternators                                 Fuel Pumps
Bell Housings                               Oil Pans
Crankshafts                                Starters
Cylinder Heads                            Turbochargers
Engine Blocks                              Water Pumps

We supply diesel engine parts for major brands truck engine.  We offer a variety  of diesel engines, transmissions, front axles, rear axle cutoffs and many more parts and accessories.  We can supply replacement parts for heavy-duty diesel engines and equipment.

We supply energy-efficient electric motors and adjustable speeds drives from small fan motors to several thousand horsepower motors.

AC Motors & AC Controls                Motion Controls
DC Motors & DC Controls                Gearing & Mechanical Drives
Servo Motors & Servo Drives

We are also a provider of solutions for electric motors and motor control systems focusing on a comprehensive range of efficient and high quality products and services.

Pressure Vessels:

We supply Pressure Vessels, Boilers, Heaters and Cooling Towers.

Flow Instrumentation:

We Supply a comprehensive suite of Flow Instrumentation for almost every conceivable industrial fluid.  Accurate, Reliable Flow Measurement is critical to the success of any process control scheme.

Welding and Cutting Equipment:

We supply a wide selection of Welding Equipment.  We also provide Welding Equipment as well as tube-to-tube sheet welding equipment and weld overlay applications. 

We also offer a full line of high quality oxy fuel cutting and welding equipment and gas regulation equipment.  We also supply portable flame cutting machines to cut and bevel carbon steel pipes with precision in manual as well as in electric with remote control operation.

Mechanical & Electrical Parts:

We provide a wide array of Electrical and Mechanical spare parts in the region.  We offer a wide range of electrical and mechanical spare parts and accessories.  The products are highly competitive in quality and pricing. 

Mechanical Parts:

Air cooled Heat Exchangers,  Alternators, Boiler Piping, Chain Drive System, Coolers, Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head, Engine Modules, Flares, Heavy Vessels & Accessories, Hydraulic Actuators, Hydraulic Circuit, Hydraulic Pumps, Motors, Pistons, Pressure Vessels, Seal Kits, Skid Mount Packages, Steel Conduit and Accessories, Valve & Valve Spring, etc. 


Battery Chargers & Holders, Capacitors, Circuit Breakers, Converters, diodes, Invertors, Line Cords, Semi Conductors, Sockets, Switches, Terminals, Rectifiers, Power Cords, Plugs, Transducer, Relays, Resistors, Power and Instrumentation Cables, LV/MV/HV Switchgear, Transformers, Cable Glands, Cable Ties, Conduits, Clamps, Fittings, Isolators, Cable Trays, Fuses for HV, Industrial Cathodic Protection, Switch gear, UPS System, Control Panels, Heat tracing systems, Relays, Conductors, Hydrid Circuit Breakers, Electrical Bulk material, etc.

Lifting Equipment and Cranes:

We offer a variety of overhead lifting equipment for industrial, energy, commercial and institutional use.  We supply a wide range of lifting equipments for the Oil & Gas Projects.  Our range of  Products includes Hoists, Winches, Elevators, Cranes, Pipe Layers, Loaders, Work Area
Cranes, Electric Chain Hoists, Heavy Duty Lifting Slings, etc.


We supply Single Core Wires to BS 6004 PVC/PVC, Single Core & Multi Core Power Cables, Control & Instrumentation Cables, PVC Flexible Cables, Rubber Flexible Cables, Fire Performance Cables, Fibre Optic Cables & Accessories, Elevator Cables & Wire ropes, Marine, Oil & Gas.

Heat Exchangers

Thermal Processing Technology for heating, cooling and heat recovery applications.

We offer a wide range of heat exchangers and associated products including corrugated tube,
Shell and tube, scraped surface and plate units.

We supply heat exchangers made from durable Cu/Ni, stainless steel, aluminum or other exotic alloys, which are efficient, resilient and maintenance free and thoroughly tested to ensure to meet
design specifications and performance expectations.

The technology employed in fabrication incorporates extremely high efficiency heat exchange with high pressure and extreme temperature capabilities.  Heat exchangers are for the operating in the Oil & Gas processing industry in applications ranging from gas compression cooling
offshore to refinery feed and effluent duties onshore.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

We supply shell and tube heat exchangers in a wide range of materials ranging from titanium to Low temperature steels.

Industrial for a wide range of process

- Petrochemical plants
- Oil refineries
- Desalination plants

Plate Heat Exchangers
Compared with the normal plate-and-frame heat exchanger, the plate-and-shell type has the advantage of a higher working pressure limit and working temperatures.

Brazed Plate, Direct Steam, District Heating, Duo Safety Plate, Hybrid, Marine Plate & Shell, Plate Evaporator, Scraped Surface, Single Plate, Tubular Heat, Downloads, Para Weld.

  • SS Heat Exchangers                                                     
  • Extern-A-Thermo Tubular Recuperator.
  • Fin Coils
  • Aluminum Air to Air Heat Exchangers
  • Indirect Air Heaters
  • Tubular Heat Recuperator
  • Oil Cooler
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
  • End Plates
  • Cooling Towers
  • Mechanical Equipment - Towers, Exchangers, Boilers, Heaters


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